What’s next for art and memes?

Posted February 04, 2019 10:02:22A year ago, art lovers across the country were ecstatic when they saw a mural in the South Bronx that said “The most powerful symbol of power in this world is the meme.”The mural was painted by artist Mikey Starnes, who was inspired by a photo he had taken of anRead More


The renaissance art exhibit “Monaco Art Exhibition: A New Experience” opens to the public Saturday at the Baltimore Art Museum.The exhibition will include works by renowned French painters such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Maté, as well as works by contemporary artists.The exhibition features works by Picasso’s friend and collaborator, the Italian artistRead More

How to make your own art collection

With the advent of the smartphone, the internet, social media and digital art, we’ve seen the internet become a central part of the cultural landscape.With this in mind, the UK’s National Portrait Gallery has been putting together a series of artworks that showcase the unique talents of artists in the country.The exhibition runs until NovemberRead More

How to make the best 3D art exhibition

New York, NY—February 16, 2020—The New York Art Museum’s exhibition of 3D printed objects called “The World’s Most Terrifying 3D Printing Machine” is coming to a close with a 3D printing press, but it’s the first time that 3D printer is actually making a product. The exhibit, which took place over the weekend at the museum,Read More

Why I hate the museum of American Art

I’m not an American Art lover.Not really.I don’t care for the concept of art museums.I’m a museum lover, a collector, a lover of art.And I hate these institutions.It’s a total waste of money, and it’s a waste of time.I’ve been looking at art museums for years, and I’ve never liked them.The thing about museums isRead More

Art Therapy is the Next Big Thing

By now you probably know about the art therapy space craze that is happening in the U.S. these days.Art therapy, or art therapy, is a form of therapy that seeks to help people cope with emotional problems by showing them how art can help.Now that the craze is on, a couple of people have goneRead More

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