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Germany’s federal art commission has approved a three-dimensional art exhibition and a sculpture of a baby in an open-air sculpture garden in Berlin, as the country looks to its future after a devastating earthquake and tsunami last year.

The exhibition, titled “My Dream of Berlin,” will run from September 15 to 21 and will feature more than 300 works by artists and writers, according to the Berliner Zeitung.

The exhibition will be in the former Stadion Stadio Werkseater (Werkseator) in the city center and in the Stadiosi Palace, which is currently used as a museum.

The three-D exhibit will be at the former Werkstraße, which was destroyed by the March 11, 2016, earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

It will feature the works of German artists including Georg Reuss, who died in February 2018, and Gerhard Wurm, whose works were exhibited in Berlin before the disaster.

A German artist and a German writer were among the artists who were in the country for the exhibition.

The exhibit is not the first time the Berlin art scene has been in a state of flux after the disaster, which led to a total of 9.3 million people evacuating the city.

The country has seen a surge in artists in recent years, including a wave of new and exciting works by emerging talent.

The recent arrival of some 300 new artists has helped to revitalize the Berlin scene, but it is not always clear what new works will appear in the future.

In 2018, Berlin saw the arrival of the first wave of German-born artists to Berlin, including the German-Italian art director Daniela Rizzuto, the Brazilian painter Antonio Ciro, and the Brazilian-French artist Carlos Sastre, among others.

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