Art exhibition in Dublin celebrates the centenary of the Irish republic

A new exhibition in the capital, the city that once saw a rioting mob burn down a statue of the Queen of Ireland, is celebrating the centennial of the republic and its independence from England.

The exhibition, titled The Queen of the City of Dublin, was unveiled at the National Gallery in the city on Saturday, along with a new collection of works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It follows a new exhibition of photographs from the same period at the gallery, titled Irish art and the Republic, which opened in 2017.

The collection also includes a new portrait by renowned Irish artist Paul Connolly, as well as photographs from a period in the 1920s and 30s.

Dublin’s new museum also opened its doors to the public on Friday, marking the city’s 150th anniversary.

The Irish Republic was proclaimed in 1835, but was not recognised by the British Crown until 1871, following a rebellion against the English Empire.

A year later, Ireland joined the UK, France and the Netherlands in becoming an independent country.

Since then, the island has enjoyed a steady and steady economic and cultural renaissance.

Art critic Simon Jenkins said the new exhibition had a great deal of resonance.

“Dublin is the most beautiful city in the world and the most exciting city in Ireland,” he said.

“It’s a symbol of a new Ireland, a new way of living.

It is the heart of Ireland.”

Artists, designers and historians from across the country have travelled to Dublin to exhibit the exhibition, including artists including David Byrne, the late Michael Keats, and former director of the Arts Council of Ireland Paul O’Neill.

Artists who have visited the city include John Braidwood, who won the Grand Prix of Dublin in 2000, and Irish artist-turned-artist Paul Connelly, whose latest work is titled Irish culture and republicanism.

Art historian Simon Jenkins was one of the first to be invited to the city to see the exhibition.

“When I saw the new work, I was absolutely stunned.

It was absolutely incredible,” he told the Irish Independent.

Art has a way of turning a corner.

I think that’s what happened with this exhibition,” he added.

Art curator Simon Jenkins is also a member of the Dublin City Council.

He said the exhibition was “a powerful reminder of what the republic means”.”

I hope that people will be inspired to come to Dublin and look at these works of art, to have a look at the city, to be involved in its development, and hopefully to come back and see that there is a future for this city,” he noted.”

That it is a place that people can be proud of, and a place where they can be themselves and feel proud of what they have achieved.


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