Art exhibitions and art galleries in London could be shut down if they remain open for more than six months

Art exhibitions could be closed, while galleries and galleries of a more commercial nature could remain open until further notice in London if the UK government doesn’t do anything to help keep them open, the mayor of London has said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “deeply concerned” by the closure of many galleries and exhibitions in the capital because of the lack of funds to keep them running.

“We’ve got a crisis of the arts in our city, and I’ve heard the heartbreaking stories of artists and curators who are closing their doors, and that’s very worrying,” Mr Khan told reporters on Wednesday.

“I want to make it very clear that I do not support the closure or shutting down of galleries and art exhibitions.”

The truth is that our city is a great city and we need artists, artists, and curatorial talent.

“Artists and curaters are vital for London.

I’ve been in this job for 20 years and I know what an extraordinary resource our artists are.”

Mr Khan said the Government needs to act now to help artists and the curators “who have so much to offer”.

“If the government is going to be serious about curating and promoting art, then we need to be looking at the financial implications of shutting down galleries and arts,” he said.

“It is a serious situation that needs to be addressed now, and not after the general election.”

My advice is for the Government to work with the community and the community’s partners to get this sorted.

“In November, the Mayor of London announced that he would be shutting down museums, galleries and other venues of art.

He said that “in the coming weeks” museums and galleries would have to close to make way for a new, fully modernised facility.”

If we are to get rid of art altogether, we are going to have to do that very, very quickly,” Mr London said at the time.”

In the short term, we can certainly have galleries, but I can’t rule it out that the government will have to open a museum in the same way.

“Mr London has previously said that he has asked the Government for more funding for arts institutions in the city, but has been told that he will have “to come up with a lot more money to fund” the closure.

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