Behnaz Monfared

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Thousands of nature asleep in me

He says that woman speaks with nature.
She hears voices from under the earth.
The wind blows in her ears and trees whisper to her.
That the dead sign through her mouth and cries of infected clear to her.
We are leaves of ivy and spring of wallflower.
We are women. We rise from the wave.
We are roses and peach, we are air, we are flame, we are oyster and pearl, we are girls. We are woman and nature.

( Susan Griffin ) ( Woman and Nature )

All women stand, look at us, I look at nature.
There are thousands of trees, thousands of stars hidden inside me.
My heart is blue, like an endless ocean.
My hands are full of stars, full of light!
Within me, within us, there is a story, unheard, there is a word, unsaid!
We are not part of nature, we are nature! Live and daring, fearless and free!
All the words I draw for that painting is nature, an adventure inside myself!
No matter how adventurous I am, I know there are thousands of unspoken words in me, thousands of asleep nature!
And this is the moment which my world is calm down!

Behnaz Monfared