Hoda Jazayeri

Producer of Painted Items




Hoda Jazayeri - IranHoda Jazayeri - IranHoda Jazayeri - Iran


Since childhood, I’ve always been fond of literature, especially poems and mythological stories. But my involvement in painting has a different story.
I had an aunt who was a painter, but she had passed away in a car accident a few years before I was born. She had filled my grandparents’ house with her paintings, its tools, and her art history books. Watching her works and books ignited my interest in painting.
I start to draw and paint in a self-taught manner. I began to collect poems, magazine cuts, pieces of fabric, so they would become part of my paintings collages.
Later, I attended Iranian masters classes to learn the techniques -based on Rembrandt And Van Gogh doctrine-. I consider these two Dutch painters, as my biggest influencers. You can find hints of Van Gogh’s exuberant colors in my paintings backgrounds.
During my studies of human anatomy in drawing classes, my focus was on uterus, ovulation, and fertilization. Later on, this transformed into a woman as a tree trunk and other species as her branches. Similar to ancient Persian cosmogony in which Mashya and Mashyana form the homologous branches originating all life.
So you will find in my paintings a tree with roots, in the figure of a woman, with all plants and species growing out of her body. A woman that lives in today’s modern world; a world filled with inconveniences and disconnected from nature; a world that has affected her. Despite all the hinders, there is love, happiness, and hope in her roots.