The art of fireflies: an exhibition from the 1980s

The first fireflies exhibition in the world took place in 1979, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that we began to see the power of firefly art.In 2006, a collaboration between the San Francisco-based Museum of Contemporary Art and the Los Angeles-based Contemporary Art Institute of America showcased more than 1,300 pieces of artRead More

What if the government didn’t have to give people a choice?

The government has an option to sell off some of its digital properties to fund an exhibition called “What if the Government Didn’t Have to Give People a Choice?”, which aims to highlight the political, economic and social effects of digital technologies on the United States.The exhibition is opening on March 11, 2020, and willRead More

10 things to do in New York City in January 2019

New York, January 20th 2019:Chanel, a new art exhibition, has opened its doors in the heart of Times Square, featuring artworks by renowned American artist Chantal Akerman and artist J.J. Abrams.Here’s our list of the 10 most exciting things to see in New England this month:1.The Art Museum of New York will host a newRead More

How to find and track exotic animals

By Amy J. PaleyAn article by Amy J Paley,WSJ,Art,Wildlife,Wildfire,Art exhibit,Wildebeest,Wildfires source Google news title The world’s wildest animals articleBy Amy J,WS jap,Wild,Wilder wilder wild,Wild wilder,Wild species article source Google search title 10 wildest animal species of all time articleBy Ankit Gupta,WS Jap,Animals,Wildest wild,wild animals article source article title Wildebeests, wildebeasts, and wildcats articleBy ChrisRead More

‘Pineapple Art’ exhibit to debut at South Beach park

South Beach is getting a little extra attention as part of its annual ‘PINEAPPLE ART’ exhibition.The South Beach Art Museum is offering a free, family-friendly viewing of a piece of pineapple art.It’s being exhibited in the museum’s collection, which has a total of more than 10,000 pieces.It will open its doors to the public TuesdayRead More

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