Digital art exhibition ‘The Naked Art Exhibition’ will feature the artwork of a nude model and a woman in lingerie

This month, the art exhibition “The Naked ART Exhibition” will feature a series of digitally-created nude models in the hopes that they can spark conversations about art, sexuality and power.

The exhibition, which opens on October 1 at the Roxy Gallery in Los Angeles, will feature pieces of artwork created by artists such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Marina Abramovic, and Daphne Du Maurier, among others.

The artwork will be displayed in an interactive, open-access exhibition, allowing visitors to interact with the artwork, the artist, and each other through a series on the gallery’s website.

The “Naked ART Exhibition,” which opens October 1, features art by artist Gwynyth Paltrows, Marina and Gwyns, Daphnes Du Mauriers, and Gwen Stefani.

The exhibition will be a collaborative effort between Los Angeles-based artist Glynis Paltows and artist Marina Abramović.

“The exhibition is a unique collaboration between two artists, as both artists are masters of the art of nude and body-art, which has influenced artists and artists’ art from all around the world,” Paltow told ABC News.

“It’s the first time I have worked with an artist that is so talented, that has been so generous, that is an artist who has the courage and will to explore and explore and express this in a way that people are interested in and will appreciate.”

The exhibition is part of the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum’s exhibit “Nude Body Art: New York, 1970-Present,” which includes works by such artists as Andy Warhol, David Lynch, Tilda Swinton, Marina Sirtis, and more.

“I’m really excited about this exhibition,” Pultrow said.

“We’re going to have a beautiful piece that is totally naked, with a woman and a model.

I think it’s a really good concept, and I think this exhibition is going to be really great.”

The artist said that the exhibition will not be a one-off.

“There’s always a lot of stuff that happens in this world, and so I’m really hoping to have something that is really special,” she said.

Paltrows said that she was inspired to create the exhibition after her “Nudestones” art project, which was inspired by her experiences working with artists such Gwynes Paltrides, and the New York Fashion Week exhibition “Nudes in New York,” which was created by Gwynets.

The collaboration between Paltrits and Abramovič is an “adventure for us to try and find the next great art project,” she added.

“This project is going in a totally different direction, and it’s really fun and interesting and exciting.”

Pultrows said she wanted to be a part of something that had a connection to the future of art and body art.

“Art can’t survive on its own, and art has to exist in the present,” she told

“But if it’s not, then the next time, it’s going to go away, or it’s never going to exist.”

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