Documenta art exhibit: Art museum exhibits show the future of art in Montreal

Documenta Art Museum exhibits show a new generation of art and technology.

The exhibits are a part of the city’s International Documentary Exhibition, a collaboration between the Montreal Art Gallery and the Quebec Museum of Fine Arts.

The exhibit, titled ‘Art and Technology: The Future of Art in Montreal’, will take place from Thursday to Sunday, October 11 to 17.

The exhibit, curated by the Documenta Institute, showcases a collection of innovative works by artists from across the world.

The workworks are presented as a collection that includes digital sculptures, digital installations, 3D prints, digital photography and video clips, interactive installations, photography and textiles.

Among the exhibits will be work by artisans such as Philippe Poussin, Michel Guillot and Jacques Lavey, as well as artists such as Yves de la Rochefoucauld, Philippe Burdet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

In addition, there are works by renowned French sculptor Alexandre Dumas, renowned Brazilian sculptor Jose Luis Gomes, British artist Robert Rauschenberg, French sculptors Philippe Moulin and Serge Burdeaux, and German sculptor Martin Schmidt.

The collection of artworks is part of a growing list of exhibits and events at the Document, including the Montreal Film Festival, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the Montréal Art Gallery, the Canadian Film Centre, the Museum du Midi, the Centre d’Histoire Naturelle and the Documentarium.

Documenta is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting art and the arts in Montreal.

Documenta is supported by the federal and provincial governments of Canada and Quebec.

For more information, visit or call 613-852-9282.

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