Five young artists from Australia, one of the biggest exhibitions in the world, return to the UK

Australian artist and author Marnie Clements is returning to the country for the fifth time to give a two-day show at the prestigious FourFour Two exhibition in London.

Clements’ latest exhibition, The Sensation Art Exhibition, runs until August 28.

She has been working at the exhibition for several years and says she has never felt more at home.

“It’s been really nice to be here, to have such a huge network of people around me,” she said.

Clements said the show had an impact on the community, inspiring people to become more aware of their role in society.””

And I’ve got a few friends who work with me in the industry that I’ve never met before.”

Clements said the show had an impact on the community, inspiring people to become more aware of their role in society.

“There are a lot more people out there who feel like they have a voice in the mainstream,” she explained.

“[But] a lot can happen in the time between when you are sitting on the train and when you have a meal.”

We need to have a dialogue about our own power.

I think that is really important.””

(The exhibition) really made me realise how much people really value art.

I think that is really important.”

They don’t necessarily think of it as a business, but as something that is not just a thing for them to be able to spend their money on, but something that they can make a difference to their lives.

“Marnie’s gallery, The Artist’s Gallery, opened in Melbourne in 2012, with the exhibition opening a year later.

It is run by former Sydney schoolteacher and former arts teacher Karen Manners and is one of only a handful of galleries in Australia to feature such an iconic artist.”

Art has always been a very important part of our culture and our identity, but I think with this exhibition it really opened up a space where you can really connect with these artists,” Manners said.

Artist Marnia Clements has been collaborating with the artist and journalist Karen M.

Manners in the UK for the last five years.

The exhibition will be featured in The Daily Telegraph on Saturday and Sunday.

Read more about Marnies show:

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