How to create a ‘post-fact’ world through photography

Posted May 18, 2019 11:56:00 With the advent of photography, a new world was born, one in which images, words and concepts could be transformed into something meaningful and lasting.

Now, in the new book, photographer Michael Oehlke captures a new sense of wonder through his work as an art curator.

Oehltke, who has been a curator for more than 30 years, is now the co-founder of the Art Photography Institute at Indiana University.

OEHlke and his fellow curators created a “post-facts” art exhibit at the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C., last year that showcased a series of photographs of landscapes, flowers, animals, and other works by local artists.

A video of the exhibit, posted online by the museum, became a viral sensation and garnered more than 5 million views.

The exhibit, called “I Was there,” was curated by art historian and curator of photography Christopher Tresnjak, and the museum paid the filmmakers $2.5 million for the project.

Osteenke, meanwhile, created an online exhibit about his own experience in photography in 2014.

He also has a documentary about his experiences titled “My Story” available on Netflix.

The book includes more than 10 photographs, some of which are titled “Post-Fact” and others, like “The Place That We Built,” are titled, “I’ve Always Seen It.”

Each image has been altered or “postmeditated” in some way to make the viewer think they are seeing something completely different, Oehlske said.

“They are all about taking something that was once just a photograph and making it something more,” Oehlenk said.

While some of the photographs are in black and white, Osteenk said they are in color, so they can be “realistic.”

He has included several of his own photographs on the exhibit.

“You get the feeling that you are looking at something completely unique,” he said.

Olahke said his hope is that the experience of seeing the photos and being reminded of them through his own photos will help people make more sense of what they see.

“I don’t know if that will be enough to change the world.

It may be a good thing that it is happening,” he added.

“But it is also the wrong thing to do.

We need to change what we see.”

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