How to define art exhibitions 2020

The American Conservatory of Fine Arts and Museum of Fine Art in Galway is hosting an art exhibition to mark the centenary of the publication of its first issue.

The exhibition, entitled Art exhibitions 2020, is being held from 11 to 16 October at the American Conservatories of Fine, Arts and Music in Dublin.

The American Conservations of Fine arts is celebrating its centenary this year with an exhibition of more than 1,500 works, a programme that will be highlighted during the event.

Art exhibitions in Ireland have been a feature of the festival since it was established in 1998.

The American and Irish conservatories have always presented a wide range of exhibitions, but this year’s will be the first time that they will be held simultaneously at both institutions.

Artists include Damien Hirst, Mark Rothko, Paul Healy, Jodie Foster and James Blunt, as well as some of the country’s most acclaimed and prestigious artists including Patrick Moore, Tom Ford, Stephen King and David Bowie.

The show will be accompanied by a free film and interactive programme highlighting some of Ireland’s most important cultural, literary and artistic periods.

Art exhibition tickets will be available from 10 a.m. on Friday and 10 a:m.

Saturday, with tickets available at the gates for entry into the show.

Tickets are priced at €19.99, including entry, €9.50 per person and €7.50 for children.

There will be limited availability at the Galway Theatre and other venues, so it is recommended that guests book early.

Tickets can be bought online at or by calling the American Conservative on 0847 812 1377.

Artwork from the exhibition will be on display in the American College of Art, Art Gallery of Ireland, Galway City.

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