How to find and create a creative art exhibition in Sydney

An article from the Australian Financial Times reveals how to create a gallery of creative art in Sydney’s CBD.

In a recent article, Sydney artist Andrew Dye said he was struggling to find galleries in Sydney because the CBD is so busy with events.

Dye said a few months ago he got an idea.

He said the concept of the gallery was to create an art gallery in the CBD that would have all the things people love about art, but with more art.

The gallery would be open 24 hours a day and would feature a variety of artists from different disciplines.

The concept was that the artists would all be on-site, but that people would come in and say hi to the artists, hang out and talk about their work.

The artist said that when the art was done the artists could then sell it on to a gallery, and they could use their art to do the same for others.

The artwork in the gallery would have a certain aesthetic and the artists’ style, and the art would be displayed at different locations.

In one of the pictures from the gallery, the artist said he would have the paintings taken by a group of people in a park.

He said it would be a really cool experience.

In other pictures from his gallery, he had a group from the arts community come to the gallery and hang out.

Mr Dye told the Sydney Morning Herald that the idea of the concept was to put the people that come to see the art there, and not the artists themselves, together to create something truly unique.

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