How to get art out of the shadows: The art gallery of the future

Degenerate Art exhibition has been cancelled due to the weather, but the show still takes place.

The show is currently on hiatus until a new date is announced.

The art exhibition was to take place at the V&A, but has been temporarily moved to a more suitable venue.

The V&A’s decision to cancel the show was not made public, but it is believed the gallery is still concerned about the weather.

DegenerateArt has hosted art exhibitions for the past few years, but this year has seen a dramatic change in the way art is displayed.

In 2018, artists from across the world made the city of Melbourne their first major international exhibition.

The show, which was to have included artists from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, was cancelled in January 2018, but was rescheduled to 2019.

It’s believed Degenerative Art had received a letter from the V &L Art Gallery, advising the gallery would be unable to host the show due to its location in Melbourne’s CBD.

Artists from around the world were due to attend the exhibition, which would have featured artwork from the likes of Salvador Dali, Goya and Picasso.

The Art Gallery of Australia said in a statement the cancellation was due to weather concerns.

“Due to the current weather conditions, we are unable to confirm the opening date of the Degenerates Art Exhibition,” the statement read.

“However, we have confirmed that the exhibition will be held at the Victoria &amp.;Bartlett Gallery, Melbourne, until further notice.”

A spokesperson for the Vandampas Art Gallery said the exhibition had been rescheduling.

“The Vandamps Art Gallery has been informed that Degeneracy Art will not be taking place in Melbourne this year,” they said.

“However, the exhibition has not been cancelled and will continue to be held as scheduled in 2018.”

Degenerates exhibition was due in March 2019, but due to heavy rain and the threat of severe thunderstorms, the show had to be cancelled.

The exhibition is currently at the Degrado, a new gallery on the outskirts of Melbourne.

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