How to make art in Indonesia

A new exhibition, “Art, the art of poop,” opens at the Jakarta museum on Thursday.

The exhibition is about the evolution of poop, the human poop that’s been a focus of the exhibition since 2012.

The poop is usually found in nature, but can also be found in human waste.

In the exhibition, artist and filmmaker Muhyiddin Muhajirsa and fellow artist Kajusi Yohannes, both Indonesian, explore how art can use poop as an art object, both as an object of art and as an aesthetic tool.

“We hope the exhibition can be a stepping stone for people to be creative with their own poop,” Muhijirsa told Newsweek.

The exhibit includes a collection of sculptures that are made from poop, as well as drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

“In the show, we take a different approach to poop than most art exhibitions that focus on art,” said Muhjirsa.

“The artist takes inspiration from nature, and from the human condition, in the form of the poop.

He wants to bring the art to life in ways that are creative and unique.”

Muhajirsa has also worked with the Indonesian art gallery “Mugga” to create sculptures that look like feces.

These sculptures can be made out of different materials, like dirt, paper, and fabric, but the artist’s goal is to create a work of art that looks like it’s made of human poop.

“My hope is that the sculptures are an art form, so that it can be seen by the public,” he said.

“If the public finds it, they will see it as an expression of their own culture and identity,” he added.

“We hope that we can help people connect with their cultural and religious beliefs by drawing on the poop, or by creating a work that’s made from feces, so people can understand that the poop is part of our identity.”

Mihajirsas project “Dirt and Paper” is being presented in two exhibitions.

“Paper and Dirt” will be open to the public starting on February 14.

It will feature over 30 drawings and sculptures created by artists like Muhjaire Muhojirsa, Muharja Muhan, and Yohanis.

In addition, the exhibition will also feature a number of prints and installations, including “Poo on the Wall” and “Dirty Pee,” both by Yohanes.

The other exhibition, entitled “The Art of Cows,” is scheduled to open in Jakarta’s Art Gallery in March.

The exhibit is about art and the relationship between art and nature, according to the exhibit description.

“Cows are part of the fabric of Indonesia, a way to communicate our values of unity and respect, and our commitment to our environment,” the exhibit states.

The work is about “the way animals are connected to art and art,” the exhibition explains.

In an interview with Newsweek, Mihajirssa said the exhibit “is a continuation of my work with the Art Gallery of Indonesia.”

The project is part “of the Art of Art and the Land, a new exhibition about Indonesia’s art culture,” he told Newsweek, adding that the art and land will be featured together.

The exhibition “art” was inspired by the museum’s art collection.

“It’s a way of saying that I am an artist and that I don’t work from a specific project, but from a place of love, respect, hope, and joy,” Mihijiras told Newsweek of the exhibit.

“I love art.

I love the environment.”

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