How to make your own art collection

With the advent of the smartphone, the internet, social media and digital art, we’ve seen the internet become a central part of the cultural landscape.

With this in mind, the UK’s National Portrait Gallery has been putting together a series of artworks that showcase the unique talents of artists in the country.

The exhibition runs until November 13, and is curated by the UK artist Peter Jones, who also runs the Royal Academy of Art.

Here’s our guide to some of the most popular exhibitions of 2017.


The Mural at Tate Modern The mural at Tate Grand Prix, one of the world’s most-watched exhibitions of contemporary art, celebrates the history of the museum’s collection, and the work of contemporary artists from around the world.


The Museum of Modern Art, Paris This exhibition focuses on the work by artists who are from around Europe.


The National Portraits Gallery, London This exhibition shows the diverse range of people, art forms and cultures who have created and exhibited at Tate London.


The London Academy of Arts, New York The Academy of the Arts is a prestigious British academy that is home to some 40 contemporary artists, including the artists featured in this exhibition.


The Tate Modern, London With its new exhibition, “Mural” (designed by David Mitchell), Tate Modern aims to give a glimpse into the rich and diverse range that the museum has to offer.


The Kunsthistorisches Museumskunde in Berlin This exhibition celebrates the achievements of the German artists of the last century, and explores the ways that their art was influenced by the work that they produced.


The Royal Academy Museum, London The Royal College of Art, the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal College in London will all be exhibiting works at the exhibition.


The Modern Museum, Sydney The exhibition is being curated by David Boulton and features works by American painters, British artists, European artists and Chinese artists.


The Musee des Beaux-Arts, Paris The exhibition opens on November 14.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art in London The exhibition will run until November 15.


The British Museum in New York A new exhibition called “The Modern Art in the World” (design by Richard Kavanagh) will feature works by some of New York City’s best known artists.


Art & Architecture Museum, Melbourne This exhibition explores the evolution of architecture, from the Renaissance to the 20th century.


The New Museum of London, London A new installation at the New Museum will show some of Australia’s most significant and most significant contemporary artworks, including a portrait of Queen Victoria.


London Academy for Art, Edinburgh This new exhibition will focus on the works of British artists.


The International Art Gallery of London This new gallery is based at the Royal Court in London and will showcase the work from more than 30 artists from more that 40 countries.


The Art Museum of Liverpool This exhibition is focusing on some of Liverpool’s most exciting contemporary artists.


The Lutens Museum, Amsterdam This exhibition will feature some of Amsterdam’s most notable contemporary artists and designers.


The Klinikamuseum, Rotterdam The exhibition focuses mainly on Dutch contemporary art.


The University of Bristol The museum’s latest exhibition is focused on the evolution and development of the school of art.


The Met, London (designed and built by James M. Simpson) The new museum is located in central London and offers an alternative to the tourist hub of the City of London.


The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (designed) This is the new museum’s main branch, which is currently in the works.


The Fondation de la Géographie et de l’Art, Paris (designed in collaboration with the artists from the museum) This new art exhibition focuses more on the history and creativity of the French visual arts.


The Victoria and Albert Museum, New Zealand This exhibition opens November 16.


The Sotheby’s in New Zealand New Zealand’s premier art gallery, Sothebys is opening its doors to the public in December with a series curated by British artist James M Simpson.


The European Gallery of Modern Arts, Vienna (designed & built by the Dutch artist Hans van der Rohe) The opening of the exhibition, which will be shown at the Bauhaus Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna, will feature work by a number of Dutch artists, with work by British artists including Philip Glass, Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst, James Vincent McMorrow and Tom Stoppard also featured.


The Louvre Museum, Paris Another show by German artist Peter Paul Rubens.


The Arts Council of Great Britain (ACG) in London A number of works from the ACG are being exhibited.


The Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo This new retrospective exhibition features works from artists

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