How to see the world from your home

The world’s largest art exhibition is being staged at the Osaka Art Gallery, with an eclectic range of works from around the world including pieces by artists from China, South Africa, India and Japan.

The show, called ARTISTIC: ARTIC, is set to run from March 3 until March 10 and will be shown in the Art Gallery’s two galleries, the main building and the basement gallery.

“We are thrilled to be working with the world-renowned Japanese artist Yoshiyuki Kawashima, who has a huge following for his amazing art, which has inspired generations of artists worldwide,” Ms Hasegawa said.

“He is a true pioneer in his field, with his unique and beautiful paintings of the early 20th century and the early years of the 21st.”

The exhibition features work by artists such as Rachael Coetzee, the late Robert Rauschenberg and Japanese painter Shigenori Hayashi.

It also features a huge collection of paintings by Chinese artist Guo Huai, including one of the world’s first modernist paintings, titled “The Emperor’s Heart” (1918), by a group of Chinese artists.

“In addition, the exhibition also includes works by Japanese artist Yasuhiro Naito, whose work is particularly striking,” Ms Harada said.

Ms Hasepawa said while the exhibition was not a competition, it would be a unique experience for anyone who wanted to experience the world of art.

“I think it will be a very exciting event for people to go and see their artworks,” she said.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Art Museum and the Osasan Art Museum, which was established in 1894 and houses a collection of more than 300 works of Japanese art and art-related objects.

“The exhibition will be open to all, and we hope to have people coming from all over Japan, including many who never thought they could,” Ms Hayashi said.

Art Gallery officials said there was an “extremely strong” demand for the show.

“People come to the gallery for art exhibitions, and I think the exhibition will have a great impact on the public’s perception of art and the art world in general,” Ms Naito said.

She said the art museum’s focus was to “explore and celebrate the diversity and richness of Japanese and Japanese art”.

“It’s a unique place to visit, and that’s something that we’ll be working hard to do in the future,” she added.

The Art Gallery was founded in 1884, and has been open to the public since 1888.

It has a collection that spans more than 2,000 works of art, with a collection spanning more than 3,000 pieces of Japanese sculpture.

The museum has been a permanent fixture of the Osaasan Arts Centre since 1994, when it opened as a temporary venue to showcase the work of Japanese artists.

The gallery’s collection includes works of both Japanese and international artists, including Japanese artist Katsuyuki Watanabe and French artist Michelangelo Da Vinci.

It is a “superior venue” for international exhibitions, Ms Hayasegada said, adding it would open to visitors from all around the globe.

“There are many Japanese artists here who have been invited by Japanese authorities and they’ll be taking the show for granted,” she explained.

“It will also be great to be able to showcase work from artists from other countries as well, as well as international artists like Guo.”

The art show will be the first in a new exhibition series, called SENTINEL, which will run from the end of February through the end the year.

“Artistic works of all kinds are on display, including works by contemporary Japanese artists,” Ms Nagata said.

It includes works from the likes of Japanese artist Katsuya Sakamoto, Japanese painter Ryoko Ishikawa and Chinese artist Huang Xiang.

Artist Ai Weiwei, whose iconic work “Blue Spring” (2007), has been on display at the Art Centre for more than 40 years, is also a winner.

“Artist Ai is a real inspiration for us, and this exhibition will hopefully give the world an appreciation of his work,” Ms Nakano said.

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