How to spot a ‘fake’ flag on an Indian flag

A flag that was made to look like a native flag in an effort to draw attention to the Indian National Flag’s status as a foreign country has gone viral online.

The flag was created by a local artist named Bhuvnesh Bhatia in response to a flag design contest he held for his native state.

“A few weeks ago, I noticed a flag that I had designed to look very similar to a national flag.

I took it out for a spin, and it looked quite real,” he said.

Bhatia says it took about two hours to fabricate a flag using materials that he had found on eBay and other online retailers.

“It was a pretty simple process.

I got the flag printed, and then I printed it again and again, and each time, I printed the flag to match the original flag,” he explained.”

I got it on a sheet of fabric, and I then made a few adjustments, and finally, I had a flag.”

The flag has been floating around the internet for months.

It was recently taken down after being flagged as being fake, but it has been gaining more attention since the flag was first created.

According to Google News, the flag has attracted over 300,000 views since it was posted on the popular social news site on April 6.

“So far, the flags I have seen online have been pretty popular, and they are all based on real flags,” Bhatian said.

“People are talking about it quite a lot.

The flag itself is really interesting.

It is really unique.

It looks very much like a national or even a military flag.”

Bhatian has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people around the world, including India.

“The reaction I’ve gotten has been really positive.

The comments are really great, and people are very happy that it has reached such a huge audience,” he added.”

Indian people are really passionate about their national flag, and there are lots of things to love about it.

It has become a really important symbol in their everyday lives.”

Bhavishankar Kulkarni, an Indian student who was part of a delegation that visited the site last week, said he is not surprised by the popularity of the flag.

“This is a real flag, it has the national symbol, it is beautiful and it has an incredible history.

People can look at the history of it, the people who wore it, and the places they lived,” he told ABC News.”

You can see it on the walls of houses, and in museums, it can be found everywhere.

It’s just a great piece of heritage.”ABC/wires

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