How to turn an old, worn out vintage car into an art installation

By Mark Stedman/Getty ImagesFor most people, an art exhibit in a museum or gallery is something they see on a regular basis.

But for some, the idea of a vintage car or truck is something that only they have access to.

The concept of art installations, or ‘art houses’, is getting a lot of attention in the US, especially from celebrities, as the art world becomes increasingly digitally mediated.

Many art houses are in need of a new aesthetic to reflect the times.

Art house curator James Wilson says it all started in 2009, when he was asked to design a concept for a new museum exhibition, Art House.

The exhibit was to take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City.

The art house is in the middle of a long renovation, and Wilson says the idea to take a vintage van and turn it into a sculpture was born.

Wilson has designed many vintage vehicles over the years, but this one was special.

It was meant to showcase a new vehicle that Wilson says had been used as an office by his father.

It had been in the garage since the late 1960s, and had been taken out of storage by the family for many years.

When Wilson first designed the vehicle, he was amazed by how different it looked from the other cars on display.

“We started by looking at the car and asking ourselves, ‘what is the most iconic thing that this vehicle has in it?,’ Wilson says.”

So I thought it would be interesting to take that vehicle and turn this vehicle into a work of art.

“The work was bornThe car was initially made out of vinyl, and the original paint was black, but Wilson says that in its current state, the paint was too thin and faded over time.

He needed something new, so he turned to the car’s owner.”

He said, ‘I can do anything you can do to this vehicle,’ ” Wilson recalls.”

And I said, okay, I’ll do that.

The paint has been replaced by some sort of paint thinner, and then the original body is painted black.

“Wilson says the work is more than a simple installation.”

It is a way of showing that this is a vehicle that can be restored and turned into something that can live on,” he says.

The car is currently on loan to the museum, and he says the exhibition is about more than just its past.”

The show is about the current state of art in art, technology, and in the ways we are going about using these machines and these materials,” Wilson says.”

There is an understanding that we need to evolve our technology and our materials.

We need to think about these things in a different way.

“The idea is to bring back the concept of the van, which Wilson says is something the community should be able to experience.”

A lot of people think of it as the most archaic piece of equipment in the world, but it is still a part of the culture and it is not something that most people see,” Wilson said.”

If you go to the Museum, you will see a van and a car in the same room, so it’s a real representation of what it was like in the past.

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