‘Mystic Journey’ artwork is going on show at ‘Mystical Journey: The Exhibition’ in New York

A pair of pieces by a British artist are going on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art for the first time.

‘Mysterious Journey’ and ‘The Lost Museum’ are the first works to be commissioned by the exhibition and they have been unveiled in New Yorker’s gallery at the New Museum in New Jersey.

Both works are part of a series called The Lost Museum and have been in the works for several years.

The exhibition opens on November 16 and will go on show from January 18 to February 24.

In the pieces, which will be on display until February 22, the artist plays on themes of loneliness, the paranormal, and the unexplained, including a ghostly woman in a dress, a woman with an eerie voice and a man in a cloak.

The artist said he was inspired by a story he heard while traveling around his home country, India.

“Mysteries are very much a part of India,” he told the BBC.

The exhibition is part of the Art of the Future initiative run by the New York Public Library.

It aims to explore the intersection of art and science through a range of visual arts and design.

The art work, entitled “The Lost Mural,” is inspired by the story told by the Indian artist R.S. Krishna.

The painting shows a woman wearing a long dress and in a room where the ceiling is painted with strange shapes and patterns.

The story in which she travels around the world and is able to find the lost city of the lost museum is a story of an old woman named Sadhana.

In the painting, Sadhanna is in a small room that is painted black and white, and she is standing at a table with a book and a candle.

The artist said she is holding the book in her left hand, and is looking into the candle that burns in her right hand.

Sadhanna says she is “fooling” people.

She is also shown holding the candle and is in her chair, in a trance, which is a trance that the viewer can see.

“I am really fascinated by the fact that people can experience a state of trance,” he said.

“I want to show people how you can do this by taking the book from your hand and holding it in your right hand, as if you were in trance.”

He said that by using the art piece as a base, he could also explore what it would be like to be in the “mysterious” state.

“In the ‘Mystery Journey,’ we are exploring the idea that you can be in a state that is like that, but it is also the illusion that is created by a different medium,” he explained.

He said he wanted to find ways of using the “Mysterion” medium to explore his own experience.

“What you are seeing in that picture is a very human experience,” he added.

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