Native Americans’ desert art exhibit takes the stage in Utah

A group of Native American artists, art enthusiasts and Native American leaders gathered at the Utah State Capitol on Monday to stage a desert art exhibition.

The exhibit is a tribute to the desert, featuring works by Native American desert artists, and a Native American tribal chief from the Arizona-Sonora Desert, who is known as “The Mule.”

The exhibit is the culmination of two years of research and development for the project, which is part of the Arizona Native Art Gallery, which has been operating for several years under the umbrella of the Tucson Museum of Art.

The museum’s director, Michael Loomis, said that the desert art display is a way to celebrate the cultural and historical importance of Arizona and the surrounding region, which he said is important in the face of the changing landscape.

Loomis said the exhibition will be an opportunity to educate audiences on the desert and offer them a glimpse into Arizona’s diverse history.

He said the exhibit will be held in the Capitol’s rotunda, which will feature paintings, murals, and drawings by desert artists.

He said it will also include a video showing the artists’ art.

“This is an opportunity for people to come to Tucson and see the landscape that we have, and to learn about this place,” Loomi said.

“And if we are going to take this desert art into our art gallery, I think this is an appropriate way to do it.”

The desert art show will be hosted by Art and Artifacts, a Native art gallery with an exhibition of desert art in Tucson.

The gallery, which operates in conjunction with the Tucson Art Museum, has hosted many art exhibitions and other cultural events over the years.

The museum will hold a reception with the desert artist on Thursday and a screening of the desert paintings at a special ceremony at 2 p.m. on Friday.

It will also host a community forum, with the goal of providing a place where the desert artists can come together to express their art.

Art and Artics is a nonprofit organization that promotes Arizona’s heritage and culture by offering free art workshops and exhibits.

The nonprofit has been hosting events at the Capitol since 2012, when it was first established, according to the museum.

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