Why Germany’s water-focused art museum is in the air

The new Museum of Contemporary Waterfront Art (MOWA) is in Germany, but it’s not quite as far-flung as you might think.The exhibition’s opening in Berlin in July is just one of a slew of international events that have recently coincided with the opening of the MOWA. Germany has always been a popular destination for international artists. “ThisRead More

What if the government didn’t have to give people a choice?

The government has an option to sell off some of its digital properties to fund an exhibition called “What if the Government Didn’t Have to Give People a Choice?”, which aims to highlight the political, economic and social effects of digital technologies on the United States.The exhibition is opening on March 11, 2020, and willRead More

Art exhibition, 3d art, sculpture and sculpture, Germany

Germany’s federal art commission has approved a three-dimensional art exhibition and a sculpture of a baby in an open-air sculpture garden in Berlin, as the country looks to its future after a devastating earthquake and tsunami last year.The exhibition, titled “My Dream of Berlin,” will run from September 15 to 21 and will feature moreRead More

How to win the Art of Art World Cup 2018

It has been a long time coming.For many years, we’ve looked forward to seeing our favorite artists take centre stage at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but there was one artist who could not wait for the moment to be over: Bjork.For her new exhibition, the artist, known for her avant-garde, avant garde-leaning works, hasRead More

10 things to do in New York City in January 2019

New York, January 20th 2019:Chanel, a new art exhibition, has opened its doors in the heart of Times Square, featuring artworks by renowned American artist Chantal Akerman and artist J.J. Abrams.Here’s our list of the 10 most exciting things to see in New England this month:1.The Art Museum of New York will host a newRead More

‘Hockney Art Exhibition’ opens in Australia

Hockney, England, has been named the art exhibition to open in the United States this month, after a five-year residency of artists who came to the city from across Asia.Hockneys Art Gallery, in the city’s main street, will open in November.Hogans Art Museum, in New York City, is the third Asian-American art gallery to openRead More

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