How to make the best 3D art exhibition

New York, NY—February 16, 2020—The New York Art Museum’s exhibition of 3D printed objects called “The World’s Most Terrifying 3D Printing Machine” is coming to a close with a 3D printing press, but it’s the first time that 3D printer is actually making a product. The exhibit, which took place over the weekend at the museum,Read More

How did the 3D art exhibit get so popular in New York?

3D artist John Ritchie’s 3D exhibition at the gallery’s Art Gallery of New York, which opened to the public on Wednesday, was a hit, drawing more than a million visitors to the galleries main gallery space.Ritchie’s “The Color” was the biggest selling item on the first day of the exhibition.The exhibition was the largest 3DRead More

Art exhibition, 3d art, sculpture and sculpture, Germany

Germany’s federal art commission has approved a three-dimensional art exhibition and a sculpture of a baby in an open-air sculpture garden in Berlin, as the country looks to its future after a devastating earthquake and tsunami last year.The exhibition, titled “My Dream of Berlin,” will run from September 15 to 21 and will feature moreRead More

How to See and Do Anything with Virtual Reality (VRL)

Posted August 21, 2018 10:15AM PDTIt’s not every day you get to be the next big thing in virtual reality (VR).But that’s exactly what happened to New York City-based artist, designer, and VR enthusiast Alex Nix who was awarded the prestigious 2018 Art of Virtual Reality prize at the Art Institute of Chicago.“I didn’t evenRead More

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