The New York Times, New York Magazine cover story on ‘Graphic Novel’ industry

In an exclusive interview, the creator of graphic novels, a writer who helped popularize them in the ’90s, discusses his career, and the influence of his wife on his work.

New York Times –  “I’m the creator” Writer and illustrator Joe Johnston talks about the industry and how he started his graphic novel career. 

In a long-winded interview, Johnston discusses how his work was born in the late ’90ies.

Johnston said that he got interested in graphic novels and the medium because he was fascinated by the way the media looked at the characters.

He wanted to do something different, Johnston said, so he turned to the internet.

He found a group of people who were looking for ideas for graphic novels.

One of them, who Johnston said is his “grandfather,” said he wanted to write a story about a character who didn’t wear pants.

Johnston decided to call him Mr. Pant.

“Mr. Pant” is an allusion to the graphic novel series by John W. Campbell.

He wrote a story called “The Pant” in 1993.

Mr. Pants is a middle-aged man who doesn’t wear a shirt, Johnston says, who gets into a fight with his girlfriend, and then gets a tattoo of a pant.

The story takes place in a house in Brooklyn.

The book, called “Mr. B,” was published in 1993 and has been adapted for a movie.

Johnston told the Times that he thought it was a great idea to do a graphic novel based on the Campbell story.

Johnston started writing the graphic novels as a way to explore ideas and to make his work accessible to people who might not otherwise read comics.

Johnston, who is a self-proclaimed graphic novelist, told the paper that his graphic novels are intended to be as accessible as possible for those who don’t read comics, but to also reach out to people like himself who have a love of books.

After he released “Mr B,” Johnston realized that he had a great opportunity to tell stories that would appeal to people.

“I didn’t have any interest in being a comic book creator,” Johnston said.

Johnston began experimenting with drawing images of pantless characters.

In an interview with the Times, Johnston told how his wife, writer Jane Goldman, started him on the process of creating the character, called Mr. B. Johnston describes the process in an interview in which he says he was told that “a couple of weeks” before the book was published, Johnston had to have it re-drawn.

Johnston was so excited by the work that he wanted it published.

“It was just a matter of finding the right story, and I was the only one who had that story,” Johnston told The Times.

Johnston also said that after he completed “Mr Pant,” he wrote the story for “The Golden Age,” the first book in the graphic book series.

As a writer, Johnston was drawn to the way that the comics medium was presented.

Johnston felt that a comic strip was a way for a writer to share his ideas with the public.

Johnston wrote the script for the story “The Grandfather” and said that it was so successful that it inspired another graphic novel, “The Great American Graphic Novel.”

Johnston said that his wife Jane, who has been a comic artist since the 1980s, also encouraged him to create graphic novels about the “Golden Age.”

Johnston, however, said that the graphic books weren’t his idea.

“We did it,” Johnston explained.

Johnston described that he wrote “The Oldest and Oldest” as a reaction to “Mr .


Johnston said he thought the book would be a “big hit” when it was published.

Johnston continued to work on “The Newest and Newest,” which he said was “the first graphic novel” that he would ever publish.

Johnston created two other graphic novels: “Graphic Age” in 2002 and “The First and the Last” in 2014.

Johnston says that the books sold well.

Johnston’s latest graphic novel is called “Gothic City.”

Johnston told a Times interviewer that the book is a tribute to his wife.

Johnons wife, Jane, was also involved in helping him to develop his graphic books.

Johnston is a well-known creator of comics, and Jane Johnston is considered to be a key figure in the history of comics.

She was instrumental in helping Johnston create his first graphic novels in the early ’90, when he was still in high school.

Johnston grew up in Queens, New Jersey.

During his time in New York City, Johnston met his future wife, artist and editor Jane Goldman.

Johnston has said that Goldman encouraged him “to be bold” with his writing and to work hard.

Johnston worked as a graphic artist in New Jersey for a short time before returning to the city to continue his graphic writing career.

Johnston later said that a friend had told him that he needed

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