The Venice Art Exhibition is the most exciting thing to happen in the city since the end of World War II

A week ago, a crowd of 10,000 people crowded into the Palazzo Venezia, a famous landmark in Venice’s historic center, to witness the world’s most ambitious exhibition of modern art, which also included works by the likes of Robert Klimt and Salvador Dali.

But in recent days, the Venice Art exhibition has gone quiet.

And it looks like the city will be the last to see it.

The city has been facing its own artistic crisis in recent years.

Many artists have left the city, citing financial woes and a lack of public support.

But it’s been a crisis for the entire city.

In the past five years, more than 30 art institutions have closed or been bought out.

Now, some are wondering whether it’s time to end the city’s long tradition of being home to the most prestigious art in the world.

It’s a trend that’s been taking place for a long time.

The Art Institute of Chicago, the largest art academy in the US, closed in 2017 and went into receivership.

It was the largest arts school to go out of business in Chicago history.

In 2016, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City sold a chunk of its assets, including the former collection of the famed Whitney Museum.

The Art Institute’s decision to sell off its collection sparked protests in the streets of New York.

In April, artists and writers took to the streets in protest.

And a few weeks later, the New York Times reported that the museum’s former president had resigned.

While some of the artists and critics who’ve lost their jobs have been protesting, the rest of the city has remained quiet.

It’s been hard for artists to find space in their lives to make art.

The exhibition, which began on March 31, has taken on the air of a war zone.

The art world has been trying to fill the void.

For years, a number of artists have gone to Venice for a solo show.

They’ve been able to find a large venue, like the Palais des Festivals, but this year the venues were sold off.

The artists were hoping for an influx of art fans, but now it’s all gone.

Artists say they can’t get much support from the public.

One artist who’s been doing a solo exhibition in Venice for years told the New Yorker that he has received no support from artists or museums.

He also said he doesn’t receive any support from government.

The artist is not alone in feeling that way.

Many city-dwellers have been left feeling empty after their own art projects have been sold off or their artists are no longer able to support themselves.

For artists who’ve made it in the past, the lack of support is frustrating.

“I feel like I have to do something that I think is not going to be appreciated,” said the artist, who asked that his name not be published.

“Maybe it’s just that I am just so used to the idea of a big, grand event where I get to come in and meet the world, but the art is always going to feel empty.”

This year, Venice will be closing down for a month to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Some artists have been making a point to attend the grand opening, hoping to draw more people to the city.

But others say they’ll have to turn their sights elsewhere.

The Artist, a weekly column in the Italian magazine, Gazzetta, recently featured a group of artists who were trying to bring art back to Venice, and one of the authors, Andrea Rossi, was at the opening of the Art Institute.

Rossi said he didn’t have any intention of attending the event.

Rossi and other artists, however, said they were invited by the artist to give a speech.

“I’m not really sure if it’s the right time, because the Art Institure has already been sold out,” Rossi told the magazine.

“And I don’t want to be seen as a hindrance to that, but I think I have a responsibility to give the message of the art and the culture that was created here, to those who were born here.

But I don`t think I’m going to give that message.”

Rossi said he was approached by several people, but he didn`t have the time to speak with them.

He didn’t even have time to take his picture.

“The artist who was invited to give an open speech has been so busy,” Rossi said.

“The idea that I can do a solo art exhibition, that’s not possible for me.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not a passionate artist.”

Rossa said he hoped the public would be able to recognize the work of other artists who aren’t at the ArtInstitute.

“It’s the same for me as it is for anyone who works outside the studio, and that’s what I hope will happen,” Rossi added.

“Art should be celebrated

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