‘Troubled Times’: Art book in New Delhi’s gallery is on sale in the US

The exhibition in New York City of a new book about the life of artist Pablo Picasso is selling out.

ArtBook is the first book of Picasso’s life, published in English, in New Jersey, and the proceeds go to the Indian artist’s charity, the Picasso Foundation, the Times of India newspaper reported.

The exhibition is at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Munich, Germany.

The book is a collection of his drawings from the late 1960s, early 1970s and his paintings of the same period, with an introduction by the artist himself.

The book includes a glossary of terms and details about Picasso, including the “Citizen Kane” artist’s work.

The title is a reference to a famous short story by Ernest Hemingway, about an artist who takes a life and gives it a new name and life as a “living sculpture”.

“It is a portrait of a man with a new identity, one whose life has changed dramatically in a short period of time,” the book says.

“This new life is of the artist’s own choosing, but the artist wants to show that the artist is still alive, his work remains and continues to change.”

The art book is on display at the art gallery in New Center, which also includes the Pablo Picassos Museum.

Picasso himself is on the premises, and a tour guide said he was in a good mood.

“He was really happy.

He’s got some paintings in the gallery, too.

He was very happy to see the museum.

He said he had never seen it like this before,” said the guide, who asked not to be named.

Pablo Picasso has been at the centre of controversy over his death in 1981, after a car crash that left him in a coma.

He died after a short illness and months of isolation and depression.

His art has been criticised in India for depicting Hindu gods in stereotypical poses, which he considered offensive.

Picassons work has also been criticised for depicting the Hindu god Shiva, and Hindu deities in the past.

The New York gallery where the book is being sold has not yet confirmed whether it will be allowed to take any further steps, but has asked visitors not to “disturb the gallery environment” and to keep “in line with artistic norms”.

The book will be on display in the Kunsthalle Kunstforschung museum in Munich until April 10.

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