What do you do when you’re a geek at heart and a geeky geek?

Ars Technic has a few things for you, including some geeky, geeky things.

First, we’re going to give you a few tips for how to take your art collection and turn it into something useful.

You might be thinking that art should be something that’s easily accessible, but that’s not always true.

When it comes to a work of art, it’s important to make sure that it’s easy to find, that it fits your tastes, and that you’re comfortable enough with yourself to spend time on it.

Then we’ll walk you through some of the art we’ve featured at the Ars Technick art exhibition.

First of all, if you’ve got an interest in art, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be interested in art.

This is why we’re excited to have this special Ars Technico Art Gallery, curated by artist Chris Gossett, as part of our show.

The show will take place from October 14-18, 2018, and will feature a wide variety of artworks and subjects from all corners of the globe.

The gallery is currently live, and you can sign up to be notified when it’s open to the public.

And of course, the gallery will also be available to view online, so you can check it out and make sure you’re ready to see the best of the world.

Gossett said that he wanted to bring some of his favorite things to life in his artwork.

“There are so many of them, and I think they’re all very cool and I want to share them,” he said.

“I’m interested in people in general.

I’ve always wanted to see people, not just in their everyday lives, but also in their private lives, their love lives.

And I’ve wanted to capture those things and make them into something.

I want people to see what I see in my art.

I think it’s going to be a really fun and exciting time.”

This is the first time Gossetts has been able to show his work at the gallery.

He said that because he was on tour, he was able to be around other artists who are interested in exhibiting their art at the event.

“We’re going into this show as a bunch of professionals and we’re looking to make it something we can all share,” Gossets said.

“And I think that that’s really going to show the world that it can be fun, too.”

We spoke with Gosset about what he’s been up to since the show closed, how he learned to do the show in such a short amount of time, and why he’s so excited to be able to share his work.GOSSET: I got into art in high school.

I went to art school in New Jersey and it was very, very different than high school, but I was in love with it.

And art was my escape.

And then, I got really into it in college.

I had to make a choice: I had art school to go to, or art school was going to take me to New York City.

So I took the first option, and then I made art school.

And that was the best way to me to make art, because art was the only way I could have a good life.

But I did love art, so it wasn’t hard for me to take it.

But, it was just too easy for me.

I think it was probably around high school that I started to really get into it, and so it was a really, really, fun time for me, because it was not like I had all this money, so I could go out and buy stuff.

It was not something I could just get and just put on display, but then you can do it on a computer.

And so I did a lot of things on the computer.

I actually did a couple of things, though, because I wanted to get into painting, because my mom always liked to paint, and she was an artist.

So that was a big thing for me: Painting.

I was obsessed with it, but it wasn.

I thought, “Why can’t I paint, because you have a computer?

Why can’t you do it in the studio?”

So I actually did paint for a little while.

I would just take the paint I made for a few months, and put it on canvas, and start painting.

But it was pretty much the same thing.

So, I started painting, and it started getting really fun.

I started taking a lot more of it home and making my own.

It became a lot easier, because the computer is kind of a big step, and, you know, you can’t really go wrong.

I like making my art, and painting.

I really like it.

And, it became really cool because I had so much more freedom, because in high schools, we had so many classes and we had to

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