What you need to know about the art exhibition at Miami Museum of Art, which opened today

The Miami Museum for Contemporary Art (MMAC) is bringing a big-name artist to Miami, with the opening of a large-scale installation called “Cave of Forgotten Art” which features works from artists including John Cage, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Frank Gehry, and George Gershwin.

The exhibit is the first in a series of installations at MMAC, a sprawling, multistory space in the heart of downtown Miami, that opened in 2014.

MMAC is also home to other art installations, including “The Cave of Forgotten Beauty,” “The Mural” by Richard Serra, “Mural of the City” by artist and sculptor Andrew Lang, and “Caves of Forgotten Love” by the artist and filmmaker David Fathi.

The “Caving of Forgotten Life” is the centerpiece of MMAC’s “Catching Fire” series, which features artworks from artists like Adriana Gherarda, who won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for photography.

The artist-designed installation, which opens this summer, will be a massive six-meter-long sculpture in the shape of a cave that is filled with artworks by artists including Adrian Gabriel, Maya V, and Michael Lantos.

MMac, which was established in 2012, is known for bringing some of the most iconic artworks to the city and around the world.

The first one to open, “Caging Fire” was the centerpiece to MMAC 2013’s “The Art of Living,” a five-day exhibit that featured works by Maya Angelos, Paul Bostrom, John Cage and more.

The next one will be “The Caves of the Living,” which will be on view through July 2018. MM

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