What you need to know about the poop art exhibit in Houston

In its inaugural year, the art exhibit “Cats in the Dust” in Houston drew thousands of visitors to its Houston location.

The exhibit included pieces of poop art and a “Dirty Dogs” dog.

“We’re trying to do something different,” said organizer Sarah McManus, who has worked in the Houston art scene for about two years.

“There are a lot of people who are interested in making art about poop,” she said.

But in the past, McManu said, she’s only seen so many people interested in the poop exhibit.

And it’s a lot less common for poop art to be displayed at larger events like this one.

McManus said she’s hopeful the exhibit will encourage people to make art that is more respectful.

The exhibit includes a variety of types of poop that are created by people in different cultures.

Some of the art is from people from the Middle East, and others are from the Caribbean.

The poop art was created by two women who live in Mexico City.

They were inspired by the poo in a traditional Mexican dish, which is known as hueras or potatos.

“It’s a potatos that’s been fermented for several months and has been turned into a kind of a sweet, nutty flavor,” McManuse said.

“The main idea of this was to create a poo art that wasn’t just about food or fun, but about a very human experience of poop,” McMannus said.

The artists also wanted to create something that was “more intimate,” McMeans said.

She said the artists wanted to show people how to take a poop and turn it into a work of art.

“I don’t want to be the art critic or the curator, but I want to make sure that the poop is beautiful and it’s made of art,” McMenus said, adding that she was inspired by a recent piece of poop sculpture.

“What I really want people to do is to be creative and have fun,” McBain said.

Some of the artists are taking the poop to Mexico to create their work.

“When we’re making it we’re not going to do it right away, because we want to get some feedback,” McBeans said, pointing to her recent sculpture of poop.

“Sometimes people will ask for permission, but they’re not interested in giving permission,” McBey said.

She said her team is hoping to have the poop in Mexico by next week.

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