What’s in the new saffron painting at the Cafe Art exhibition?

In a move designed to be both exciting and welcoming, the City of Sydney will be opening up to the public this weekend to the world’s first saffran art exhibition at the cafe art gallery at Sydney CBD.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Saffran’, will be taking place on Sunday, March 16.

The exhibition will feature the works of five Sydney saffrons, including one by local artist Tanya Gorman, whose work has recently been on display at the Sydney Opera House.

The show will be open to the general public and will feature work by local artists and curators, along with a new gallery-style entrance, which will feature a ‘portrait of a person’ of the artist’s choosing.

Artist Tanya’s artwork will be on view at the newly-opened cafe art art gallery, from March 16-19, in the Sydney CBD, and at the new Adelaide Gallery in Adelaide, on the same weekend.

Artist and curator Jody Beasley said she had been wanting to open the show up to public for some time and hoped the city would be able to help bring the art to a wider audience.

“The artwork was on display for some of my friends and I for the first time in my life, so it’s great for me to finally see the artwork in person,” Ms Beasley told News.org.au.

“This will be my first gallery exhibition, so I am very excited about it and I think it will be a fantastic way for people to come and see the work.”‘

Saffrans are not just beautiful but also important’Safran is an Indigenous art form which was created by the Indigenous people of the southern Kimberley region of South Australia about 5000 years ago.

It is known as the kangaroo horn, and is used in traditional ceremonies to give the recipient an ability to communicate with the spirits of ancestors, or spirits of the dead.

The saffrances were first known to the Australian indigenous community around the mid-18th century and the saffras became a popular cultural symbol.

It was widely used in Australia until the mid 20th century, when it began to be used for commercial purposes and was exported around the world.

Saffron is used widely in the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community for various purposes, including the ceremonial use of the horn.

Safrances have been known to be associated with death, fertility and longevity, and many Aboriginal people are still revered as the living spirits of their ancestors.

Sabbath, a saffrar, is a sacred and sacred animal that has been used for thousands of years in many Indigenous cultures across the world to signify the time of the coming of the Great Spirit, or the coming day of rebirth.

Suffrances are sacred and are used by many Indigenous peoples for their religious and cultural ceremonies, and are often referred to as “spirit animals”.

“We’re very lucky to have this wonderful piece of art in our community, because it is part of our history,” Ms Gorman said.

“We want to show people that they can actually have an impact on the lives of people around them.”

When people have a positive attitude about the art, and I hope people do, they are going to be more likely to be able see that this is a beautiful and powerful representation of Indigenous art.


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