Which is the best art gallery in Monaco?

Monaco art gallery Headway, one of the largest art galleries in the city, is currently offering an exhibition on the work of French surrealist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The exhibition runs from August 5-23. 

In a statement on its website, the gallery said the exhibition was curated by the art director, Jean-François Gagarin. 

“This exhibition will showcase his most ambitious paintings and drawings, from the mid-1930s to the present day,” the statement reads.

“It will include the works of a diverse range of artists, from composers to painters, sculptors and painters of different ages, from both the urban and rural sectors of Monaco.” 

“Jean-Miche Basquique’s painting ‘The House of the Virgin’, with its simple and beautiful geometric lines and its symbolic image of a man, are the main features of this exhibition,” the gallery continued.

“Other works by the painter include the iconic ‘The King’s Body’, which is the subject of his first painting, ‘The Devil’s Body,’ which also features in the exhibition.” 

Headway said it was fortunate to have the opportunity to present this work, as it reflects an important part of Basquias work and culture.

“It is the first time that a work of this type, in his own words, ‘was presented in an exhibition in Monaca,” the post read.

“The work’s popularity has grown as it has attracted attention from all over the world, and it is also very well-known in France.

The work was commissioned in 1961 and is considered the first French surrealism painting.

It was exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the 1960s.”

The gallery said it had recently collaborated with a local group to create a special exhibition of its works. 

The Mona Lisa at the MonaLisa Art Gallery, Paris, is pictured in 2014.

The Monaclis headway art gallery will be holding the first-ever exhibition of Basque artist Pedro Jasso’s “The Lady of the Lake” on August 23. 

Ahead of the exhibition, the headway gallery said in a statement that “The artist is an artist who has been known to create an impression of nature through his paintings and sculpture.

This project is the continuation of this work.””

The installation is a continuation of his artistic style, but with a new perspective, reflecting the artist’s love for nature and his desire to explore its natural features,” the headways statement read. 

Last month, the Monaclins headway announced it was holding an exhibition of paintings by the late Jean-Luc Godard, including “The House that Jean-Paul had Built.” 

The headway exhibition will include works by several of Godard’s contemporary artists, including Jean-Claude Lanzmann, Paul Klee, André Breton, and Guillaume Apollinaire.

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