Which is the most amazing cat art exhibition in India?

It is a question many of us are wondering about ourselves but few of us ever ask, especially if we have the chance to see it at the gallery.

So, here we are.

The most amazing animal art exhibition to ever hit India is on show at The Cat Gallery at Alimandart, Mumbai.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Sleeping with the Wolf’ is one of the best known and best photographed animal paintings by Indian artist Mihir Prakash.

It is now on view in Alimandsart gallery in Mumbai.

Here is a quick tour of what is on display.


The Cat and the Wolf (1877)Mihir was a prolific painter who painted in several genres and the exhibition shows him in a wide range of styles.

His style is characterized by his depiction of a wolf in a sleeping pose.

The painting shows the sleeping wolf in various stages of sleeping.


The Blackbird (1882)The painting is a close up of a Blackbird, the species that is commonly called a cat.

It was made in a studio in New Delhi in 1880 by Mihira Prakush.

It shows a bird in a suspended posture and then flying up to a large rock.

It also shows the bird in an upright position.


A Little Dream (1885)This painting is by M. Srinivasan who is also known as Mihiro.

It has been described as a surreal painting that shows the animal in a dreamlike state.


The Man Who Wore a Dress (1912)This is a painting by Muneer Shah.

It depicts a man in a bed covered in white cotton.

He is sleeping.

He moves and then moves again.


A Snowy Night (1915)This was the first painting of M.S. Srivastava, who is considered to be the greatest of Indian artistes.

It describes a snowy night with snow floating in the sky and a bird sitting on a tree.


A Tree and a Dog (1919)This piece is a picture of an Indian woman sitting on the ground.

She is standing at the entrance of the forest and the tree in front of her is a tree in the background.


The Girl Who Wasn’t There (1927)This picture depicts a young girl and her dog.

She sits in a rocking chair, on the floor and the dog is at her feet.

The girl sits on a rocking stool next to her and the girl walks away.


The Ghost of a Woman (1937)This work is by B.D. Gupta who is famous for his paintings of animals, birds and humans.

It takes place in the town of Panchkula in Karnataka.


A Dog of War (1939)This one is by L.K. Rajendran who is known for his portraits of animals.

It portrays a dog and a soldier on the field.


The Munchkin King (1942)This works by Murali Raman is one the best paintings of Mihiyas paintings.

The work is a portrait of a man on a chair and a monkey.


A Woman on a Rock (1943)This photograph shows a woman sitting in a chair with a bird on her shoulder.


A Man with a Stomach (1945)This image shows a man eating a hamburger.

This is a well known painting by Bhattacharya.


The Wolf and the Snake (1947)This portrait of an animal is by the legendary artist M.

K Singh.

It captures a wolf with a snake at its feet.


The Devil’s Son (1951)This artwork depicts the Devil’s son.


The Bear and the Mouse (1955)This sculpture is by Ramesh Srivatsan.

It features a bear and a mouse at different distances.


The Tree (1956)This composition is by Praku.

This piece is part of a painting called ‘Bhagavad Gita’.


A Horse of a Different Color (1962)This mural by Mhitarji depicts a horse and the deer.


A Mother’s Daughter (1963)This paintings is by Srinivasa Rao.

It tells the story of the mother and daughter.


A Baby Bear (1966)This large painting by Rajiv Kumar depicts a baby bear and two dogs at different times of day.


A Fish in a Bottle (1970)This famous painting by S.N. Duggal depicts a fish swimming in a bottle.


A Lady in a Chandelier (1974)This art piece is by K.


The picture shows a lady in a flowing dress and a white lace mantelpiece.


A Manger of Cats (

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