Which of the 10 Adelaide Art Exhibition’s most important pieces will be on display?

Adelaide’s Art Gallery will open its doors for a second time, this time to a new generation of visitors with the unveiling of the new 10th edition of its iconic waterfront art show.

It’s been 15 years since the opening of the iconic show and, despite the weather, there’s still plenty of history to be found inside the new exhibition.

The event, which runs until October 11, is the city’s largest public exhibition and has seen a lot of artists from around the world.

Here are some of the most significant pieces that will be hanging on display for the first time:From the late 90s through the early 2000s, the Adelaide Waterfront Art Gallery attracted an eclectic range of artists, from local Aboriginal artists, to Australian artists from overseas.

In 2018, the gallery opened up to the public with a new exhibition called “The Art of the South”.

The exhibition features an extensive selection of watercolour paintings, watercolours, drawings and installations from the South Australian region and features works from local Indigenous artists, as well as international artists such as Banksy and Matisse.

Among the more exciting works to be on show is the new piece, “The Bigger Picture”.

The installation, by South Australian artist and photographer, Paul McGurk, features a large, white canvas, with a black rectangle painted onto it, to represent the view from the gallery.

McGurk has also created a similar mural in the South African city of Cape Town, which features a black and white silhouette of a man in a black shirt, and a white shirt, to portray the city as a whole.

The artist also collaborated with South Australian artists, including Taryn Rochford, in a series of art installations.

Last year, the artist created an installation for the waterpark, in which he created a giant sculpture of himself, with the image of his arm extended above his head, and the words “You’re a great artist, aren’t you?” inscribed in white lettering.

You can also see this piece on display in Adelaide’s Waterfront Arts Festival, which takes place from September 5 to 10.

From 2000 to 2013, the Waterfront Gallery hosted a series known as the “Tributes to Nelson Mandela”, which featured local artists in collaboration with Nelson Mandela and the South Africans’ National Party.

More recently, the show also featured artists such at the artist collective Nelton and the artist-turned-actress Lillian Thompson, who created a series called “Sugar, Sugar, Sugar”, which focused on the importance of the art of sugar and sugar cane in South Africa.

The show’s 10th anniversary was celebrated by the South Australians with a series at the city centre called “Won’t You Please Donate to the Museum of Art?”.

“We had a few people who said, ‘What if we had an exhibition of this artwork, would you donate?’

I said, you could always give them a little something, but you can’t have all the work.”

The 10th exhibition will also mark the opening day of the Adelaide Arts Festival.

Tickets for the event are available online from September 7, and are also available at the gallery and the Adelaide Food and Drink Festival.

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