Which of these art exhibits are you looking forward to at the Chicago Art Museum?

The Chicago Art Institute’s new exhibit, The Art of War, will run from April 21 through June 14, and includes work from a wide range of artists from across the globe.

The Art Of War was created as part of the Institute’s Centennial Project, a partnership between the Institute and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to celebrate the centennial of the UN’s International Year of Peace and Peaceful Coexistence.

The exhibition’s curator, David A. Fincher, will discuss the work and give a special shout out to the late artist, Frank Stella, for his work.

A collection of artwork by Stella, which was first exhibited in 2014, will be on view for a week in the exhibition’s gallery, the Art Of Life.

Stella’s work was featured in a 2012 film, The Life And Times of Frank Stella.

The work has since been rediscovered, and Finchers said it was one of the most moving paintings of his career.

“He was the first to really put his heart into it and see it through,” Fincers said.

Stella was a member of the United States Army during World War II, and after the war he had his work displayed in a museum in Germany and then in New York.

Stella died in 2009.

Stella had a special interest in World War I, Finches said.

“I wanted to tell his story in his own words, to show the scale of the war, to get into the heart of the horrors of war,” he said.

Finshe said Stella’s art is considered a cultural artifact and was meant to be displayed at the museum in the U.S. The exhibit will be open to the public for one week.

“The Art Of Peace was created to celebrate that, but we want to show that as well,” Finshey said.

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The museum is located at 3501 S. Dearborn Street in the city’s historic Loop neighborhood.

The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs says the exhibit will open to public after its one week opening on May 20.

It will then continue to the museum’s new exhibition hall, where the Art of Peace will be available for public viewing through June 12.

The Institute said that its exhibit has already been viewed by 1.7 million people.

“Our museum and its art are part of Chicago and the Chicago community,” said Linda Ruggiero, the Institutes Vice President of Cultural Programs and Communications.

As the Centennial projects has been a great success, this is the perfect opportunity for the Chicago Museum of Art to bring its collection to life in a way that is even more important than ever before.”

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