Why Are They Doing That? Art in Detroit, Michigan, 2018

The art world is in a state of flux.

New and exciting works are coming out all the time, but there are also signs of a growing trend of art lovers turning their attention to the city.

The new and exciting work of art is happening all over the city, but the most exciting are coming from the art world.

As we reported earlier this year, artists are turning to Detroit to show off their artworks.

And, in some cases, artists have chosen to do so outside of the city limits.

While there’s been an uptick in new works coming out of the art scene in recent months, Detroit is not the only place artists are doing their work.

The artists who have chosen Detroit have created some of the most innovative work in the city over the past few years.

Here are seven artworks that you should see in the state of Michigan in 2018.

The first time we met, in 2013, the artist was still in the process of making his debut, when he turned to his hometown for inspiration.

In the years since, he has expanded the scope of his work to include the entire country.

As you can see, he’s been working on various projects, and this work, called “Downtown Detroit,” is the first of several pieces.

This is a piece that is not just about downtown, but about Detroit as a whole.

The artist is trying to show how the city has evolved from a place where artists were struggling to make it big to a place that is thriving.

In 2016, the city started to embrace art, and the city also hosted its first Art Fair, where artists could display their works.

The Fair was a huge success, but things have only gotten better since then.

In 2017, he opened a new art gallery, and in 2018 he’s hoping to make his way back to the City of Detroit to present more of his artwork.

The artist is still in his early stages of his career, but he’s already got several other pieces in the works, including this piece called “The First Detroit,” which is a work that shows how Detroit has evolved as an art city.

While this piece is not particularly complex, it’s still interesting to see the artist experimenting with different kinds of media to make each piece feel different.

And the artist has done so with a mix of traditional media, including wood, clay, and acrylic, as well as the digital and other forms of art that are being released by the city now.

He also has his sights set on the new year, as he’s going to present a new piece called, “The Second Detroit,” this year.

It’s a piece with a theme that includes both traditional and digital media.

It was originally supposed to be finished in 2020, but it looks like it will be finished by the end of this year or the end, depending on the progress of the artists work.

The city is also expanding its museum, which opened in 2017, to include art and culture from around the world.

This exhibition is also meant to celebrate the city and its artists.

Art is a universal language, and so the artworks coming out from the city are showing the power of art in the form of the arts, which can be a powerful way to promote the city’s artists.

You can find out more about how the art gallery is expanding, as it’s expanding to include all kinds of art, from contemporary art to classic pieces, and more.

It’s not easy to find an artist who has a knack for the craft of creating work of a variety of media.

However, if you’ve got a knack, you can find a talented artist who’s going about his work in a creative and collaborative manner, and that’s something that has never been possible before.

It takes dedication, and it’s something a lot of artists have to look forward to.

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