Why Do People Eat What They Eat

The word “eat” comes from the Greek word for “to eat”.

But the word itself comes from a root meaning “to give”.

In the Bible, the root word is “gree” which means “to do, to give”.

The root word for this word is gree-feci, which means to eat (as in “I ate the fish”).

The root of gree means to give, so eating what you want to eat.

In Greek, “to go” means “eat”.

And the word for the root of this word in Greek is “fecia”, which means something that gives (as opposed to “greed”).

So gree is a good example of how we use the word “to”, not the word as in the Greek words for “eat”, “give”, or “gift”.

Gree is the root and the word in English is “to”.

But we also use the root to mean “give” or “give and take”.

So in Greek, we have “greek to eat” and “grees to eat”.

In Hebrew, we say “geth” or gereb, which is a root which means giving.

And in Latin, we use “ficulum” to say “give”.

So when we use these roots, we’re really using “to” and not “to.”

The Bible teaches that we are to give to our children, our neighbor, our friends, and our God.

We are to “give to” our children and our neighbors, and we are also to “take care of” our neighbor.

And we are “to help” our neighbors and our friends.

And “to serve” is what we do.

And the reason we’re to do this is because we’re taught in the Bible that we’re “to look after” others and we’re also “to teach”, and that we should “give good tidings to the poor, the needy, the naked, and the sick” and that “we are to pray for those who persecute the righteous”.

And we’re not to “spare” or take nothing from the needy.

So the Bible teaches us that we must “give.”

And that is what the word means.

But the Bible also teaches us how to be generous, how to give.

And generosity comes from God.

God is generous.

He loves us, he cares for us, and he wants to give us a blessing.

And so we have this whole idea that we can do everything for ourselves.

We can do what we want to do, we can give what we need to give and we can take nothing for ourselves, which in our society is not very good.

But we have to be kind.

We have to give the good of our neighbor to the good for ourselves and that’s what the Bible says we are called to do.

So what do we do when we’re doing something for ourselves?

Well, what we are taught is that we need “giving to the Lord” and we have these kinds of ideas about how to do that.

So for example, the Bible talks about “giving” and this is what God says we should do: God is very generous.

God loves us and wants us to give as much to the world as we can, because He wants to help us.

God wants to bless the world.

God’s mercy is on the world, not on us.

And He gives us a great gift, the gift of our children.

But God says that we cannot do that, because God is the source of our life and of our salvation.

We cannot give to the “Lord our God”.

We cannot do this to ourselves.

And that’s why God says, “Give to the one who gives.”

So that’s our “giving”.

And that means we have a duty to give something to the person who gave it to us.

Now we’ve said that “giving,” that we have the word, “gifts”, that we know what it means, and that God gives us the gift.

And our “gives” are the words, “give,” “give me,” “greet,” “thank you.”

So these words come from God, they are very specific.

But they’re also very powerful.

They have a power that is very, very powerful because they mean a great deal for us.

What does that mean?

Well first of all, the “g” in the word gives, and “give means to do.”

So it means to take care of something.

And it’s important to realize that “groom” and other words have to do with the way we treat our neighbor or our friends and relatives.

And this is very important because we need our own friends, our neighbors.

We need our neighbors to be like us.

So our “give us something” is really saying, “I love you, please give me something to do

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