Why Germany’s water-focused art museum is in the air

The new Museum of Contemporary Waterfront Art (MOWA) is in Germany, but it’s not quite as far-flung as you might think.

The exhibition’s opening in Berlin in July is just one of a slew of international events that have recently coincided with the opening of the MOWA. 

Germany has always been a popular destination for international artists. 

“This is not just an art museum.

It is an extension of the city,” says Ulrike Günther, a curator at the new museum, which opened on May 17.

“I think we can say that we have created a new urban landscape.” 

“MOWa” is the name of the German art exhibition art gallery, located at the eastern end of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The opening of MOWagenda, a series of events that coincide with the exhibition, is also the opening event for the exhibition. 

It’s a new exhibition with a lot of big names in it.

The theme for the 2017 show is “Water and Waterfronts,” and the opening day will be the first time the museum will showcase works by the artists involved. 

The first wave of events in the Mowa are focused on the German water industry, which is in crisis after years of declining demand.

“There are a lot more water artists here,” says Gündler, “but also artists from other countries who are trying to break into the industry.” 

It all started in the 1980s, when the Berlin Water Works, the country’s water utility, was shut down.

Since then, water-intensive projects like desalination, waste treatment, and urban landscaping have made it possible for many Germans to enjoy the natural beauty of their cities. 

In 2015, the state-run utility announced it was going to phase out the use of diesel fuel for all of its water supply. 

That meant that the city’s water was once again being supplied by wind turbines. 

But as Germany has seen an unprecedented drought over the last several years, the water sector in Germany has been hit hard.

In 2015, Germany’s central government set aside $4.5 billion for the purchase of wind turbines, which the government says will help address water-related challenges in the country.

And it is now turning to other industries to supply its thirsty citizens. 

Earlier this year, the government announced it had ordered 3,500 more wind turbines in an effort to improve water-use efficiency. 

And the Mower and Mowas is now focusing on the city-dwellers who can’t afford to live in the suburbs. 

“[It’s] about the new urban geography of Germany, about the city being able to produce water, and about the need to create a new environment where people can have a greater level of freedom,” Günter says. 

At the same time, the Mowers and Mows has also created a focus on water-centric exhibitions that focus on topics such as water conservation, urban agriculture, and sustainable cities.

“Water in itself is a beautiful thing,” says the curator. 

One of the exhibits focuses on the “Waterfall” phenomenon, where water flows in a series from one end of a dam to the other.

The MOWa’s curator says the exhibit, which was initially planned as a series, has since expanded to include several other exhibitions.

The most important of which, says Gudner, is the one that focuses on water pollution, which has been a concern in many German cities.

The exhibit focuses on environmental pollution in the cities, as well as on the need for people to understand the consequences of their actions. 

Another new exhibition features the cityscape and urban landscapes of the U.S., which are also facing water issues.

The “Waterscape: A Biennale” exhibition focuses on landscape design and urbanism.

It aims to “create a new landscape, a new way of looking at the world.” 

The “Urban Nature: New York, Paris, and London” exhibit focuses more on urbanism in general.

It’s an exhibition about nature, and the artists working on it.

“There is a new wave of urbanism, and that is being made in Berlin,” Gudter says, adding that “there are a few different artists working in this new wave.” 

Another exhibition, “Diverse Artists: New Art, New Places,” is a celebration of the art world’s diversity.

It explores the different ways art is produced in various countries. 

For the Mows and Mowers, it’s about creating a unique environment.

There’s no word yet on when the museum’s opening will take place, but the event has already taken place in 2017. 

Günthers says the exhibition was originally supposed to take place in the summer, but they were already planning

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