Why we should be excited about art exhibitions in Berlin

The exhibition at the Kunstverein Kunst and Museum Berlin is the latest in a series of art exhibitions that are expected to showcase a new generation of artists in Berlin, as well as bring some much-needed light and lightheartedness to the city’s crowded galleries.

While the exhibition will highlight a broad range of contemporary art, the main focus will be on new and emerging artists, as seen through the eyes of a Berliner who is also an art critic.

The exhibition, entitled “The New Art in Berlin,” will take place on March 15-18, 2019 at the Mitte-Platz, Berlin’s main shopping district, at a venue known as the Guggenheim Museum.

The venue will be located in the area around the historic Gugginheim Museum and is located just steps away from the city center.

The show will be curated by Matthias Günter, curator of the Berlin’s National Museum of Contemporary Art, and will focus on the latest work by German artists from the past decade.

The art exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge, until March 18.

The Mitte Platz has long been known as a hub for the world’s art galleries, but it has also been the home of art criticism and a cultural hub for generations of artists, musicians, dancers, musicians and performers.

As Berlin’s cultural hub, the Mauerplatz has been home to the Munchausen by Proxy exhibition since 2013, with artists like Andy Warhol and Paul McCartney among the artists on the show.

The new exhibition will mark the debut of a new artist, who will represent a new wave of artists and will bring new energy to the museum’s collection.

“The Kunstand is a hub, and it’s very important for us to show new artists.

It’s an opportunity for us,” said Matthias, a Berlin native who works as a freelance artist.

“It’s a chance to see a new talent, or maybe a new voice.

In a lot of ways, it’s a new museum.

There are a lot more people here, more people of all ages, so it’s not the same old old thing anymore.

It has to be a little bit different.

There’s a lot going on now, and I’m looking forward to seeing this.”

Matthias will present the show during the week of March 14-16, 2019, and then open it up to the general public on Sunday, March 16.

This new exhibition of works by contemporary artists, many of whom are not usually seen in public galleries, is expected to attract some of the worlds largest art collectors and other art-world figures, as it aims to draw attention to a new art movement in Germany.

Matthias was inspired to bring the new exhibition to Berlin when he decided to work on the MUNCHASEN by Proxy project, which was a collaboration between artists and film director Robert Altman that explored the intersection of art and film.

The work has since been released online and has been nominated for numerous awards.

“This new exhibition is part of a wider exhibition that will be part of the Museum’s ‘Visions of Art’ series, which aims to highlight emerging artists and their works and their work in the German film and art world,” Matthias said.

“For me, the idea was to do something different and have something new.”

The exhibition will focus specifically on a new breed of artists who are new to the German art scene and the wider art world, and who have yet to make an impact.

The gallery will present works by young, emerging artists like Matthias and Hans-Henrik Neubauer, who is a Berlin-based photographer who is best known for his portraits of people.

Neubauer was the subject of a 2014 documentary about the Berlin art scene, titled “The Art of Hans-Hans Neubausen,” which aired on the PBS channel, “Chicago Tonight.”

Neubaur is also the subject in a new documentary by the German news channel “Dezeen,” titled “Munchausens,” which is expected in March 2019.

Matthases work with Neuba is a mix of digital and film-based photography, and is intended to show how he and his partner have captured portraits of ordinary people and their everyday lives.

He has also created a series called “Nach Berlin” which aims at telling stories from everyday life.

“We want to tell the story of the city in the new age, which has transformed itself in the past two decades,” Matthases said.

The museum will present new works by a number of artists as well, including an exhibition of a variety of German artists that is titled “Kunstvereins und Kunstbegigs,” or “Kuns,” which will be exhibited during the upcoming winter season.

Matthides team hopes the show will bring more visibility to a field that often gets overlooked in German art criticism.

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