Why you should attend an art exhibition in Rotterdam

Rotterdams art gallery is celebrating its centenary with an exhibition that will open in 2019.

The show, entitled The World of Art, will show works created by the artists of the Netherlands, the Netherlands and Belgium, among others.

Artworks will be on view in the Rotterds gallery from January 17-27, 2019.

The exhibit, curated by art historian Rolf D. Hetmans and published in Rotundam, is part of the museum’s efforts to educate the public about the Netherlands.

Hetmans, the museum curator, told Business Insider that he wanted to explore the history of the art and to help educate the museum.

“This exhibition is not a traditional art museum, it’s a modern museum.

The exhibition is about the changing art world in the Netherlands,” Hetmas said.”

We want to bring a modern perspective to the exhibition.

I believe that the public will be interested in this exhibition.”

Hetmas, who studied art at the university of Groningen, told the news site that his aim is to present the works that are in Dutch, Belgian, and Dutch-Belgian collections.

“I want to introduce the Dutch, Belgium, and the Netherlands as a country, as well as to show that the Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world.”

So I want to help the public understand what is going on here,” he said.

The exhibition will feature works by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, Dutch artist Paul Vandenbroeck, Belgian artist René Magritte, and German artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

Hettmans told Business Insitute that the exhibition will include over a hundred pieces of art, ranging from abstract paintings by Mondrian to drawings by VandenBroeck.”

The show is really interesting, it has a very Dutch perspective,” he added.”

They are looking at these works from the perspective of the people who lived in these different cultures.

“Artworks on view at the exhibition include works by Magrittes, D.H. Lawrence, Gertrude Bell, Claude Monet, Raffaello Sbarge, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Breuer, and John Ruskin.”

It is also interesting to think about the artists who came before and the work of the future, the art of the 21st century,” Hettmans said.

Hetzmans said that the show will highlight the art created by Dutch, Belgians, and Belgians who came together in the Dutch colony of Rotterdaag in the early 1800s.”

Art has a lot to do with the Netherlands culture, and that’s why the Dutch are so important to us.

The Dutch are the ones who brought us our Dutch culture, that’s our identity, that is our identity,” he explained.

Hetsmans said he hoped to encourage Dutch art students to learn more about the works.”

Our students should learn about the Dutch in our museum and their art, the Dutch culture,” he told Business in Focus.”

If they really love this art, they can become a Dutch art student, that will be great.

“The exhibition is one part of a wider initiative by the Rotunda, a public art museum in the city of Utrecht, that aims to bring together diverse artists from different countries.

The Rotunda has also created a program for students to visit art exhibitions around the world and learn more.”

There are exhibitions in Rottersdam, Amsterdam, London, New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin.

The whole of the world will be represented there,” Hetsmans told the site.”

That’s why I want all the artists to visit the exhibition, because this is what we have in the museum, this is our history, and it is something that should be remembered.

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